Best Tinder Hacks – Make Everyone Right Swipe You

If you are an average guy, we already know what your online dating life must be like. Tinder is one of the most popular hookup apps among all. You may be having a really nice picture of you posing in your glasses with a nice background and five other people surrounding you to showcase how likable you are. From morning till night, you may be swiping right many times only to get roughly, 2 matches day, with a success rate of less than 2%.

Let us help you out with this modern online dating tyranny called Tinder.

What is Tinder Hack? It is nothing more than trying to get the most out of the system. This is a list of best tinder hacks to help the guys with crushed hopes in Tinder and who want to land upon an actual date.

Make Yourself  Marketable:  

Tinder won’t let you see more to your date than just their pictures. Bios really come second. If you like the job you don’t really need a written description to again like it. Tinder will only showcase your pictures and that is all to get your likeability tested and provide you with matches. So guess what you need to work on nerd?

It’s All About Your Images:  

They make or break the deal. It will hardly take a girl a fraction of a second to swipe left if you are doing just what everyone else is doing. A good image plays an important role in getting you a like in return. There are so many new ways to improve the quality and appearance of your images, they can add a whole new virtual personality to you on any platform.

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How To Improve Your Pictures:  

Good question Harry Styles. Because one cannot change their face, they can always enhance it.

Use Photo Effects: 

You don’t have to put up the picture that you took from your phone. You can also increase the brightness and set the contrast, highlight what you want and blur what you don’t. I don’t mean those standing next to you in your pictures.

Use Filters:

Use any filter at all that can improve the overall image. You can use several photo editing apps in your phone. Also, not to forget you have SnapChat and Instagram!

Link to Your Facebook or Instagram:

Link Tinder to Your FB

That way your match can take a look at the places you visit if you are a dog person or a cat person, if you can play the guitar or if you are a solitary philosopher person or an outgoing fellow. Bio is a sacred place to add more important stuff than actually giving a bio.

Add Some Sauce:

Link with IG and Spotify. Let them see something more than what 50% of the guys are not trying out. Also, your match may find you sooner than ever.

Save the Holy Superlike:

If you have been super-liking your interests, then chances are you are creeping them out. When to use it? When you are getting more likes than before, chances are your profile is more likable than before and so your interest will most likely like you back.

Own It:

Girls are most likely to get attracted to an interesting profile than just a handsome bimbo. So what can you do? Add a funny caption that will be kept them curious to check out more images. Add humor to your profile in more captioned images. Then finally bombard them with your nicely self-improved picture.

Also, bio is a good place to add more interesting and funny stuff to your profile. After all, girls just want to have fun.

Want to get some help with Tinder bios? Keep in touch and we will keep you updated on more. Got some more hacks to help someone else? Comment it. Till then, happy swiping.


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