The Concept of Google Cloud Print

This service provided by Google helps the user take print outs from desktop, mobile, web or any application which is Cloud-Print aware. It is possible to integrate Google cloud print with other Google based applications. This comes free with your Google account. It is an easy way to connect your printer to the Cloud and then you can easily take the printouts of your documents from anywhere.

Google Cloud print

What are the features of Google Cloud Print?

The features are as follows:

  • You can connect it to any wifi connected printers from any web interface like Google chrome, mobile applications or connected web based applications.
  • You can easily control the different settings involved in printing like paper size, colour etc
  • It is possible to save anything to the Google drive through the cloud print
  • Through Chrome you can easily add a legacy of printers

What are the system requirements?

  • A windows PC will require
  • You will need Google Chrome web browser and printer
  • You will need an internet connection

What is the price of Google Cloud Print?

It should be noted that if you have a Google account then you get this service free of cost.

Understanding the steps to print a document from the smartphone:

  • First of all you need to visit the Google docs for mobile site from your smartphone
  • Now open a text document
  • In the drop down menu next to the edit option you will find the print option
  • Select this print option
  • The Gmail mobile site also gives a similar option
  • Next you need to select the printer from where you would like to print
  • The document is sent to this printer
  • For android phones you can use this procedure with ease but if you are an apple user then it will work only when you create Goolge docs. It will not work with your old files and it will also not work on Gmail in case of iPhone users.

Google Cloud print feature

Details about the functionality of Google Cloud Print:

  • Google Cloud print is a good option but it has some limitations
  • Printing of the documents and emails for android users is easy
  • The editing of the documents however has to be done on the computer
  • It is surprisingly an easy way to print documents from a printer which is miles away from you
  • Not just the basic options but it gives a number of advanced options like controlling the paper size, paper type etc.

The printers with which you can use Google Cloud print:

  • It works well with the modern wifi printers. All you have to do is connect the printer to the wifi network then configure the required settings for the Cloud print connection and then sign into Google Print option in Google Chrome. Now when you need to take the print out just select the documents, click on Print, then select Google Cloud print and then print the document from anywhere.
  • It works fine with different mobile applications and printer applications. The only important thing is that the application should be able to send the document that needs to be printed to the cloud print from Mac, iOS, Android or computer
  • Google cloud print also works with old USB-connected printers. All you need to do is integrate the old printer with Google Cloud print through Google Chrome

There is still lots of scope for improvement:

  • The Google cloud print is still in the testing phase. So though it is a really good option but still there is scope for improvement.
  • It gives you the option of every singly printer profile on the concerned computer’s cloud print. This gives you more choice but also a cluttered appearance. So, they should try and provide a favourite option where one can set up one’s preferred printers.
  • Currently there is no option for sharing and controlling the access to the printer but Google is working on the tools which will have this type of feature.
  • In order to take the print out Chrome has to be running on the computer which is connected to the selected printer so that the Cloud print server remains active. This will lead to more consumption of energy and also people may not be comfortable from the security point of view.

google cloud print services

Reasons that you should opt for Google Cloud Print:

  • It should be noted that the documents are deleted from the server of Google once they are printed. So, this is a totally safe and secure option
  • It is an easy way of improving the printing infrastructure of your workplace and you can actually print a document on your office printer from the convenience of your home
  • You can easily print webpages on the Google Chromebook
  • This works easily with a large number of apps and new apps are continuously being added

Fixing of problems with Google Cloud Print:

In case you are facing problems with Google cloud print then here are some of things that are advised:

  • You will have to check the internet and the power connection
  • You will also need to check if the printer has been set up properly.
  • If the printer is set up properly and still you are facing problems then you will have to check if the printer driver is updated
  • If nothing works then you need to delete and then reinstall the printer and then check if you are able to take print out.

So what is the conclusion?

This is a revolutionary idea of Google where it has integrated the cloud approach to the world of printers. The basic aim is to make it really very simple to print a document or image or webpage from a printer no matter how far away the printer is. With the Google touch this is surely a useful tool and once you start using it you do not want to stop using it. But currently it is in the beta phase and there are a number of things on which Google is surely already working. Like if there is an option for selecting the favourite printer etc then it will be even better.

The system requirements and the setting up etc is not all that complicated. This printer works well will the modern wifi printers and also with the old USB printers. It also gives basic as well as advanced options for managing the different functions like selection of paper size etc. But there is room for improvement. In house support and development are some of the things that can take this cloud printer to a completely different level.

It should also be noted that this printer works really well with computers as well as smartphones. It is compatible with a large number of applications. So, this printer is really worth giving a try. The Google Cloud print services can be enjoyed free of cost by the Google account holders. If the improvements do happen in Google cloud print then it will turn out to be one of the best things which will really ease the task of printing.

Although we may try our level best to become totally digital so that we can save paper still there will be times when you will have to take print outs of some documents and images. If you want to have the ease of printing these documents and images from no matter where you are then you must make use of the Google Cloud Print.


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