Hyperx Cloud Revolver Review: A brief insight

A brief insight into the hyperx cloud revolver:

Hyperx Cloud RevolverĀ is a gaming handset. It provides analogue connection. The design of this device is very good.

Details about the design and features of hyperx cloud revolver:

  • The headset comes in black and red colour and it is very large in size. So this headset can be used even by the ones who have a large head size.
  • But due to its large size one may not find it very easy to carry when one is travelling.
  • It comes with a very long cable. So it is very easy to connect it to console controllers and to mobiles. Even when you connect it to a desktop the long cable makes it very easy for the user to move around.
  • The upper part of the headset is comfortable and you can adjust it with ease. The outer part is made from 2 metal pads that are connected at the base. Below the metal band is the headband. This headband is made from foam and it is coated with faux leather. The headband is very soft.
  • The earcups are also large in size. These too are made from foam and are covered with faux leather.
  • The sides of the headset is made from glossy plastic which does not look very eye pleasing
  • The microphone has a flexible design and it can be detached easily
  • The design is on the whole very comfortable and you can adjust the headsets with ease.
  • The drawback in the design is the metal parts in the headset which are annoying and make loud noise with even very little friction.

hyperx cloud revolver

Let us check out the audio quality of hyperx cloud revolver:

  • When the headset is stationary at that time the audio quality is really very good
  • There are 50 mm drivers. This ensures that you get good sound quality
  • The low end and mid tones are of good quality
  • The top end sound quality could have been better
  • Overall the performance is good but it could have been better
  • But it must be noted that the sound quality will also depend on the device to which the headphone is attached. If it is attached to high end devices and game consoles then the sound quality is found to be better. But when it is connected to low end devices then the sound quality is not found to be all that appealing.

Let us check out the gaming performance of hyperx cloud revolver:

  • The gaming performance is very good.
  • The virtual surround sound technology is lacking but the audio separation is found to be good.
  • The sound stage cannot be considered par excellence but it surely better as compared to the some other devices that are currently available in the market.
  • This is a good headset for gaming applications

Let us check out the microphone quality:

  • The microphone quality could have been better
  • The 3.5 mm connector is found to pick up interference when it is connected to devices.
  • The jack quality is really bad and does not provide good performance and one will surely prefer a USB connector instead of this king of a jack.
  • If you are going to use the microphone once in a while then there might not be much of a problem but for those who are going to use the microphone on a regular basis may not find it up to the mark.

hyperx cloud revolver quality

What are the pros and cons of the hyperx cloud revolver?


  • The ear cups are very comfortable
  • The audio quality on the whole is good
  • Adjusting the headphones on the head is very easy
  • The steel frame of the headset is very durable


  • The virtual surround sound is missing
  • The price is a little on the higher side

So what can one say on the whole about this headphone?

As for the comfort levels it is really good. The ear cups are soft and comfy and the overall design is sturdy. The sound quality is good and soothing. But as compared to some other headphones this one is a bit expensive. You are made to pay this extra money for a sound quality which is slightly better than the other brands and for the steel frame. Look wise the headphones look a little large and loud. This may not go well with people who like sleek things. Yes, as for the durability, this is definitely a good option but then money wise you are made to pay more. There are options which are cheaper and are giving good sound quality. This is the reason that some people may not want to go for this option.

hyperx cloud revolver feature

So what is the final word?

If you are looking for a comfortable design which gives better sound quality then this is a good option. If you want a headphone which is durable and sturdy then too this is a good option. But for all this you have to be ready to pay more.

If you do not like stuff that is bulky and not sleek then you may not be much in favour of this headphone. If you are ok with similar audio quality from cheaper options, then too you might not prefer this headphone.

But just keep one thing in mind that this headphone works well for audio, videos and games. It gives you a good feel. The foam and faux leather makes it comfortable option for your ears. You should give it a try and most probably you are going to like it but yes you have to be ready to shell out more money for the same.

So here is a headband which gives you comfort and sturdiness with good sound quality. But it is a little loud and bulky and it is also a little expensive. This is a good headphone but it could have been a little more competitively priced.


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