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Mega Cloud is one place where you are getting free internet space. One may argue that so what because Dropbox too gives free space. But just check the amount of space that you get with mega cloud. While Dropbox provides just 2 GB free space you will find that Mega Cloud provides 50 GB of free internet space. So Kim Dotcom’s mega cloud services sounds great, but let us check in detail all about this storage service.

Mega Cloud

A few things about the mega web interface:

  • In order to check out the web interface you will have to first of all sign up for the services by opting for a package which suits your needs.
  • The first thing that you will notice when you sign up for their services is that they will make sure that you put in efforts for a strong password.
  • Once you log in you will come across the interface from where you can manage your account and files
  • All your files are stored in the Cloud Drive Tab
  • The Rubbish Bin is the place where all the deleted files will go. If you want to restore deleted files then you only need to right click and opt for the restore option. It should be noted that you can restore previous versions of files but there is no option for incremental file versioning so it is better to avoid syncing large files.
  • Then there is the Contacts tab where you can store the emails of the people with whom you are going to share your files
  • Then there is the Inbox tab which is probably to get the messages from people with whom you have shared files
  • And you have the mega sync client which will let you synchronise the files and folders that you have on your computer with the Mega account. Here you get the option to choose which folders you want to sync. You have the option of syncing as many folders as you want with this option.
  • If you want to share files publicly so that people who do not have a mega account can also view then you can make use of the sharing files and folders option. In case of private files there is option to give the access only to few mega users. You can give access permissions as you wish to and you have the option of making files and folders read-only, read & write, or full access.
  • It is not possible to view videos but you can download them. Other cloud services give the option of viewing videos.

Mega Cloud feature

To get a feel of the interface here is how you can sign up!

If you want to get a feel of this cloud service then it is mandatory to sign up and opt for a suitable package. The packages are as follows:

  • Free Plan: 50GB storage with 10GB bandwidth limit, reset every 30 minutes
  • Pro I: 500GB storage with 1TB monthly bandwidth limit. This is a paid plan
  • Pro II: 2TB storage with 4TB monthly bandwidth limit. This is a paid plan.
  • Pro III:4TB storage with 8TB monthly bandwidth limit. This is a paid plan.

What about the speed of Mega Cloud?

Yes it is fast enough! The uploading and the downloading of files happens at great speed and the restoration of files is also pretty fast.

Mega Cloud speed

Details about the Mega mobile apps:

  • They have special apps for android, iOS and for blackberry.
  • The android app is user friendly and one can get accustomed with it easily. The android app lets you do all that is possible with the web interface like moving files, creating share links, uploading of files etc. The photo sync feature lets you take the back up of pictures and the app has additional security in the form of Pin unlock setting
  • There is also app for Firefox and Chrome users. You can use this app instead of the default web interface. This app is found to be faster than the default web interface

Mega Cloud storage

Security matters:

In cloud storage security is of prime importance as anyone would like to secure their data from prying eyes.

  • It should be noted that there is end to end encryption of all stored data. The data is decrypted at receiving end that is you.
  • Mega has no access to the decrypted data
  • You can secure all your data with password and the password can be reset only by using your encryption key

Analysing the pros and cons of Mega Cloud service:


  • The user can instantly access 50 GB of free space once they sign up for the service
  • Downloading multiple files and folders in the form of a zip file is possible
  • Sharing of files and folders with the public is possible
  • Uploading of files from the mobile app is possible
  • Pausing uploads is supported
  • It has good speed


  • The bandwidth limit for the free package is just 10 GB
  • incremental file versioning is not available

Mega Cloud sevice

A synopsis on the mega cloud:

One of the main reasons that this service was started was to address the issues related to privacy and security. So obviously the end to end data encryption that they have is one of the main reasons that those who want better security will opt for these services. The large amount of space that they are giving free of cost is the second thing due to which people will get attracted to Mega Cloud.

There are options to set the bandwidth speed limits. These speed limits can be set. If you are uploading through a web browser, then you can do it from the account settings. If you are making use of the app then you need to do it from desktop sync client. Doing this is rather simple and even whole folder uploads are supported. They also have a progress display. Here you can check what is uploading, how much time is still remaining for the upload to get completed. It also shows the files that have recently changed.

One thing that many people may not be very happy is that there are not many advanced sharing features. It only lets you create a public link. The 10GB bandwidth limit also seems to be too less, but users must note that this gets refilled in every half an hour. So then it is ok.

As far as customer support goes they have only email support. They do not provide any phone support or chat support. It should also be noted that their support is not round the clock.

So here are the people who should opt for this service:

First of all, if you are a beginner that is new to Cloud services, then you need to be a little bit careful. Because if you forget the password and if you do not have the encryption key then there is no way that you can reset the password. It is also important to take back up of all your files as a safety measure.

If you are someone who will have to store large amount of data in the cloud system, then you must go in for this service as they provide 50 GB free space. Also a person for whom security is of utmost importance in the cloud system must opt for this service, as they make use of end to end encryption. It should be noted that not even Mega can view your data. So on the privacy and security front this is a good service.

Customisation of permissions to share folders is a good thing about Mega. So those people who want to limit the sharing access then this service is for you. Those who want fast speed then this service is definitely worth giving a try as the uploading and downloading of files happens pretty fast. Those who want a good quality interface which is overall very easy to use must also go in for these services.

Final few words on the Mega Cloud:

Overall, this is a good and secure cloud service with a few limitations. The speed, ease of use and the encryption policy of the service will surely tempt you to use this service. There may be issues like resetting password, but then one must keep in mind that it is for better security. If you are in two minds and are not very sure if you must use this service or must avoid it, then keep in mind that they have a free plan of 50 GB free space. So you can always try out their services by signing up for the free plan. In case you have a requirement for more space on Mega Cloud then there is no way of getting it free. For more space on Mega Cloud you will have to upgrade your free account to one of their paid Pro plans.


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