Samsung Cloud: Services & Features

The name Samsung Cloud may make one think that it is like Dropbox or Google Drive. But actually this is not the case. This device can be used for your Samsung Note 7 . It takes back up of your phone. Normally, Android users had to make use of third party solutions for taking back up of their phones. So, this is really something that the Android users can look forward to using to take back up of their phone.

Samsung Cloud

Here is where it scores over Google back up:

In the case of Google back up service it is important that the developer provides a built in support in the app. This can create confusion and it can be very frustrating and time consuming. But in case of Samsung Cloud it backs up all the apps. The developer does not have to do any integration or no other procedures are needed.

A few details about the Samsung Cloud settings:

If you want to check the Samsung Cloud settings then you need to follow these steps:

  • First open the settings app on the Samsung Note 7
  • Click on Cloud
  • Then click on accounts
  • Here you will find the option of Samsung Cloud
  • Here you can easily check the back up status

What are the details that you check in the back up stats?

  • You can check how much space you have used
  • There are also options to enable the back up of different apps or one can even disable the back up of different apps
  • Free storage given is of 15 GB

Samsung cloud backup

What are the things that are backed up?

As per the main settings page the things that are backed up are:

  • Samsung Notes
  • Contacts of only Samsung accounts
  • Calenders of only smasung accounts
  • Keyboard data and gallery
  • Internet but that too of only Samsungs browser
  • Logs of phone calls
  • Settings of alarm clock
  • The layout of home-screen, the wallpapers and widgets
  • All the apps get backed up that is their entire data, settings etc gets backed up
  • All messages and documents,music files get backed up
  • Wi-fi, ringtones and all other device settings will also get backed up

Is the backup automated or it needs to be done manually?

  • There is provision of manual back up as well as automated back up
  • On the bottom of the screen there is a button back up now. You need to click on this button for manual back up
  • When you switch off the screen and plug the device into a charger then the device will back up itself automatically after 10 minutes
  • Auto back up runs after 24 hours but certain conditions have to be met

Samsung cloud backup app

Scores on the restoring front:

One may wonder that does the device really back up all the apps and the home screen and if one can get back the apps from the back up after they have deleted the same? The answer is yes it is very much possible with Samsung Cloud. You can test it yourself. Just take the back up of some of your apps. Then delete those apps. Then try to restore it from Samsung Cloud. You will find that the app has got restored and that too with all the logs and session details.

Some of the advantages of using Samsung Cloud:

  • You will not require USB cables to take the back up of your device
  • Contacts, calenders, different apps and some third party apps can be backed up wirelessly with the Samsung cloud
  • The user can access the back ups on multiple devices but they will have to make use of the same Samsung account
  • With the same Samsung account even the content will remain in sync and changes that are made on one smartphone will show up on the other smartphone as well
  • Photo syncing feature is also available. Due to this the pictures that you take on one device can be shared on other devices. You also have the option to select which albums you want to share on different devices

Samsung cloud advantage

Which all devices can make use of the Samsung Cloud?

Currently this option is available only in the case of Samsung Note 7. But according to sources the feature will be made available for Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge but for this software update is needed.

A dream come true for all Samsung users!

Android users had to rely on Google for the back up. It is one of the best back up options without any doubt, but there were a number of frustrating things about it. But now Samsung users have got what they always wanted and that is Samsung cloud. This feature has been added to Note 7 and will soon be extended to other devices. This gives Samsung users the advantage to have their own back up and recovery option.

A quick recap of this amazing feature of Samsung:

  • Samsung Cloud is a back up and recovery feature that has been introduced in Samsung Note 7
  • It allows the user to take back up of almost everything right from home screen to different apps and media files etc
  • It is also possible to take the back up of some third party apps
  • Samsung Cloud also possible to sync different devices and the user also gets the option to select which photos, which apps etc he would like to share on different devices
  • The back ups can be taken manually and there is also provision for the automate back up.
  • Recovery of the deleted apps, documents etc is very much possible if you have taken the back up of the same on the Samsung Cloud

Is this feature worth trying?

Yes, definitely! It is something that the Samsung users will surely want to use. It is an easy way of taking the back up of your different data on the Samsung Note 7 and it surely gets thumbs up rating!


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