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Bing features:

Bing has some features which regular search engines offer as well as some which are identical to what Google search offers and some unique features of its own. Its interface has a daily changing background image much like Google. For HTML5 enabled browsers it provides the video home page, it displays the customer service number of a company on the results page if the company is searched for. There is a navigation pane on the left side of Bing which displays related searches and prior searches. Like Google, it also offers sub links for certain search results and an enhanced view third party website information can be viewed directly on the Bing website.

Media features on Bing include a video thumbnail preview, where the video starts playing when a user how was over it with the mouse pointer. The image results page can be altered or modified according to the user’s taste. It offers customization on size, color, style, and layout. Like other search engines, there is also the option to search for images using advanced options like image size, the color, the aspect ratio, and facial features recognition. The video search also has advanced options like searching with filters for length, screen size, resolution, and the source.

Bing also has the instant answers feature that we often see on Google. It can directly make sports news visible if the query that is searched for involves asking for information about recent matches of any sport. Similarly, if a company is searched for on Bing, then it automatically displays the company name along with the stock price the volume and the p/e ratio of the company automatically. Apart from these two, automatic answers are also provided for a large number of queries including mathematical calculations, the conversion of units, advanced computations, the spelling check of words as well as their origins and definition from the Oxford English dictionary itself. It also provides flight information in detail as well as health information, the similar websites information, translation as well as during online shopping.

Other features of Bing include providing local info like the current traffic information as well as the listing of companies and people. Bing also provides local specialized searches for restaurant other services as well as for coupons and deals. Information related to movies and movie halls is also displayed. One of the best features of Bing is the accurate information that it provides about hotels, what they can be found on the map, a birds eye view as well as amenities offered by a hotel like payment, parking, and the tariffs of rooms.

Apple also uses Bing as its default search engine while Windows 8.1 incorporates the Bing “Smart Search” program. The Bing smart search provides a lot of information automatically If a user searches for a place which includes the weather for the place as well as maps. Similarly, if music is searched in being an artist, it displays all the results as well as results which are very similar to the one being searched for. The Bing translator is also a very useful tool as it offers the power to get Bing in 52 different languages. Now all this is easily available for the user if he/she uses a Bing promo code as it offers great discounts.

So how does Bing work and how it generates business?

Marketing is the foundation stone for anything now whether it be a business or sport or something that is educational. Unlike olden days, marketing is now the strength and power of every great organization. If a product is marketed well, then it can go from strength to strength in a very small amount of time. Either that, our business must have something so unique that nobody in the world offers the same service. Bing is, therefore, Microsoft’s primary ad platform. Through this service, Microsoft not only helps users in their search for something but it also helps itself because Bing supports a lot of ads for the customers to see and for money to be made by Microsoft. Microsoft has a multitude of partner websites who serve up their advertisements on being to get popular. The Bing ads coupon platform he is a very powerful one because it is just next to Google ads in terms of popularity.

To increase your power or rather, the power of your business, you can trust Bing blindfolded. The massive number of users that visit the Bing search engine website per day will ensure the growth of your business if you choose to advertise with Bing and associate your product with it. The enormous reach of Bing is also a big advantage for your business to grow. Through this search engine, you can choose to advertise globally or locally because it is present in every country in the world. A powerful factor that works in favor of being is that it is very mobile friendly and therefore is a very easy-to-access website. With the increase in mobile searches and the world in general, moving towards smartphones for their everyday needs, Bing is just exploding into popularity and still has a lot of potential to grow even more.

Bing also has had good reviews from all businesses that have used the search engine for campaigning because it provides some very useful tools and never tries or goads you into crossing your budget. Reviewers have often highlighted the fact that Bing ads offer a lot of flexibility, and the thing of most significance is that it offers users complete control of what is happening with their products. Another great feature that this search engine provides is that a user can easily import an ongoing campaign from a different service without any hassle and they also promise handheld directives to grow your business, once you make the switch.

The Bing user experience:

I personally used Bing ads to find out whether Google has any able competitors. I can say that Bing is competitive, but it also has some limitations. As soon as you enroll with Bing, you will find that your ads are displayed on the Yahoo and Bing search engines. The ads are also distributed among the partner websites that Bing has. If you want, you can also determine the keywords and the location why the ads might be placed. It comes at a cost but as I have said before, the use of Bing ads coupons as well as Bing promo codes, helps users cut down on cost because of the great discounted prices that are offered. Bing also offers help if you are new to the PPC system through its customer care executives, which is actually a great feature.

So after using Bing, I found out that it is quite affordable if the Bing promo codes are available to you. There is a limitation, however, that thing works really well in the US and the European countries because most of Asia is highly dependent on the Google search engine, and therefore the response for these areas is really low.