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Microsoft Products:

As soon as you enter the Microsoft store, you will notice that the products that are available can we found on the home page itself. There are drop down menus which offer you a wide range of the latest products that are available in the store. In the Store drop-down menu, you have the option to go for devices, the newest being Microsoft Surface. Then there is an offering of all the types of Microsoft Office software that are available like the all-in-one Office Suites, Office standalone products, the Office 365 and even the renewal offer for a paid version of the Office 365. A different version of the Office for Mac is also available here. Although there is a common consensus that software and other items in the official Microsoft store are a bit costly, the Microsoft coupons that are available on the Internet and the store itself, help in keeping the price in an affordable range.

In the same menu, the Windows 10 home and Pro versions are also available as is the Visual Studio software which has gained an enormous reputation as a good software. After that come the Windows apps, the Windows Phone apps, and the Xbox apps. The Windows games and games for the Windows Phone end the list.

The next product list is created on the basis of software required for different purposes. There is the software and services option which includes software for Windows, Office, Security, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, and MSN. Then there are the options for Xbox and other devices which include all Windows PCs and tablets, PC accessories, games for the Xbox, and software for Microsoft Lumia. Then there are the offerings which segregated according to the needs of the client. The first option caters to the business offerings like Cloud platform, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Dynamics, Windows for business, Office and Skype for business, enterprise and small business solutions, and volume licensing.

After that comes the offering for the developers and the IT guys which include Microsoft Azure, MSDN, TechNet, and Visual Studio. The list and switch Microsoft’s offerings to students and educators which include the Office for students, OneNote for the classroom, and Microsoft in education.

A little about Microsoft:

Microsoft Corporation or MS as it is popularly known is a technological giant based in America. It is part of the world’s largest manufacturer and seller of computers, computer parts and other associated technological hardware and software. Along with all this, Microsoft has it’s on gaming console called the Xbox, it acquired Nokia in 2014 and also Minecraft developer Mojang in the same year. One of its two co-founders, Bill Gates, reigned as the world’s richest man for quite a few number of years.

So there we are with all the information related to Microsoft and its products on the official Microsoft marketplace called the Microsoft store. From the very beginning, there has been a lot of talk about the products in the store being very expensive, but one has to understand the exclusivity that people who buy from the store get. If you want to get that same exclusivity but at a somewhat lower price then you can use the multitude of Microsoft coupons that are available on the Internet. The codes that these coupons contain must be put into the area called “enter a promo code,” which appears when a user is about to buy a product. As soon as you click on the Apply Discount button, which is adjacent to the promo code area, you will get a healthy discount which will leave you satisfied and even more so because you are getting an authentic Microsoft products at discounted prices.