Verizon Cloud Login Review And Services

What is this Verizon cloud login?

Verizon Cloud Login is a cloud bases service which has been developed specifically for mobile devices and tablets. This service can be used by both android as well as by iOS users. It should be noted that it is possible to access the files from other devices like computers provided these devices can run the application.

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What does this app do?

Verizon Cloud Login app will back up all the data and it will synchronise all the data. This is done automatically. The user can then literally access the data from anywhere. In case the user loses his phone, then too, he can be rest assured that all his contacts, files and all other things are all safe on the Verizon wireless cloud storage.

Analysing the services of the Verizon cloud storage:

  • The user can get 5 GB of free space on some of their plans like XL, L, M, S plans
  • It provides a really easy way to take back up of your phone contacts and you will find that the application is user friendly
  • As far as customer support is concerned they are ok
  • Main concern about the service part is that Verizon cloud storage plans are very expensive. You will find that at the same rate there are many other service providers who are giving more space.

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Who can make use of Verizon Cloud Storage?

This service is for anyone and everyone who would like to keep a backup of all the files and folders, pictures, contacts etc If you are going to be fine with less storage space then you can survive with the free plan.

What are the steps that you need to follow in order to use Verizon Cloud Storage?

It is very easy to use this service. Here are the steps for the same:

  • First of all download the web application. It should be noted that this is compatible with Windows PC and Mac
  • Next, you simply need to select the files for which you would like to take the back on the Verizon Cloud Storage
  • This service makes it possible to tke scheduled backups. It is also possible to restore the data to the original location
  • If you do not want to download any software then you can make use of the website application. You can log into the service through My Verizon Cloud. You will have to enter the username and password to log into the same. Now you can manually upload the files and folders.
  • It should be noted that the web interface can be used from any web browser
  • As for the mobile app it must be noted that it is almost the same as the web application. You need to download the app. Then you need to enter the log in details and then you can start taking back up of your files and folders.

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Comparing the services with the competitors:

  • This service competes with Dropbox, Amazon Cloud, and Google Drive.
  • The free storage plan is competitive, but the paid plans are very expensive and the space that you get for paying the high price is pretty less.
  • The app works only on Verizon tablets or phones. This is something very bizarre
  • They also do not have any dedicated application for the Windows phone
  • As compared to some of the competitors this application is very user friendly.
  • If you want to save the contacts, text messages and call logs to the cloud in an easy way then this application is right for you.
  • It should be noted that the Verizon app comes pre installed so you do not have to spend time and energy in downloading the app.

Features of Verizon Cloud Storage:

The features of this service are as follows:

  • The Wireless Transfer Contacts is a good feature. It allows you to take a back up of your contacts with ease.
  • The back up any new data and syncing of the data happens automatically. So any changes that you make will reflect in all the devices.

Details about getting technical support:

If you want to contact the support team for more details, then you can make use of their email support. You can also download the user guide from the company website. The company does have a comprehensive support page on the website. Overall, it has been found that it can be very difficult to contact a technical person for any technical support related queries.

Verizon Cloud Login

How safe is the Verizon Cloud Storage?

When one makes use of the cloud services one of the most important concerns that people have is about the safety and security of all your data..

  • As far as Verizon Cloud Storage is concerned there are no reports of any data breaches
  • The company also claims that they make use encryption technology. This is embedded in all the transactions so that all the data of the user is completely safe.

Are there any other alternatives to this service?

Yes, there are plenty of options which the android and Ios users. These applications take the back up of contacts and messages. In case of Verizon it takes back up of the call logs as well. The package is expensive, but the free package is most of the times sufficient and there is no need for the user to opt for the paid package.

What people have to say about this service?

People who do not like to store the information on hard disk and prefer to use the cloud are liking this service. They are particularly happy about the fact that they are able to take back up of not just the contacts and messages but also of the call logs. People are also happy about the fact that it gives the option to customise what the user wants to save.

So here is one service which will let you take back up of contacts as well as your phone logs. It is worth giving a try.


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