WD My Cloud Review And Features

WD My Cloud is a term that has long been used and even abused to a point where it genuinely encompasses anything that is connected to the internet. The latest network-attached drive from WD called My Cloud has also misused the term “cloud”. This is because it is nothing of that sort. Surely, Wd My Word can be connected to the internet and users can easily access their files from almost anywhere on the Earth. But this is not something very new and exclusive.

The difference that lies between WD My Cloud and the other cloud storage drives in the market is that it speaks of some of the most useful benefits.

WD My Cloud

Product Description

In short, WD My Cloud is an intelligent hybrid device that we were actually not aware of. It is a range of external 2TB, 3TB and 4TB hard drives aimed towards picking a fight with both Cloud storage services such as Google Drive and Dropbox and conventional NAS. WD My Cloud supports conventional NAS features through browser-based DLNA support and dashboard support. It also allows its users to access their drives remotely through their smartphones, tablets or PCs just like the other well-known cloud services.

This way the users have larger storage allowance in comparison to the customary Cloud services. The data owned by the user is never shared with any other company and the user simply needs to upload what he or she requires without any monthly subscriptions. WD My Cloud also comes with the claim that it can perform faster in comparison to majority of the NAS drives. Another noteworthy feature of the WD My Cloud is that it is available within an affordable range. Therefore, it is a breakthrough product that is too good to be true.

WD My Cloud Review

Noteworthy Features of WD My Cloud

WD My Cloud is an external hard drive that can effectively be used in the form of a personal cloud server for different files. The drive plugs directly into the user’s WiFi system. It gives users the flexibility of accessing their files from around the world provided it is switched on and properly connected. This external hard drive comes in a range of sizes extending from 2Tb to 16TB, either in the form of a dual drive or a single drive. Some of the noteworthy features of WD My Cloud include:

Great Design

The root design of WD My Cloud comes from the existing My Book range of back up hard drives available from WD. The design of this external hard drive is quite refined. It features rounded corners and a clean and modest finish. The design of this drive makes the users feel as if they are using a device from the Apple range of products. It is also important to note that this external drive is available in white color and this is not an unimportant feature. For multi-functional devices, WD My Cloud is fairly compact. The weight of this external hard drive is 960g and at 170.6x49x139.3mm, this device is less than half the weight and size of majority of the NAS devices available in the market. The very well-ventilated mock-metal top and rear of this device keep it silent and cool.

WD My Cloud feature

World Class Storage Capacity

So, WD My Cloud has nailed the design, but how good of an external hard drive, cloud or NAS storage wannabe is it? With a storage capacity extending from 2TB to 16Tb, WD My Cloud is one of the most capacious single drive back up solutions currently available in the market. The device supports automatic backups on Windows by making use of its very own SmartWare software. For Macs, this device uses its very own software called the TimeMachine.

WD My Cloud also features a USB 3.0 point that can be used for initiating direct downloads via cameras or for connecting additional storage. It is to be noted that this feature of the WD My Cloud does not sustain network connectivity or printers. WD My Cloud is comparatively simple when it comes to its NAS ambitions. It does not have highly advanced features but concentrates on functionality like support for DLNA and iTunes servers, UPnP and FTP.

WD My Cloud gets its Cloud Storage credentials from its feature of remote file access through Android, Mac, PC and iOS apps. These conveniently support edits, file downloads and media streaming.

Exceptional Hardware

On the hardware front, WD My Cloud comes with an unspecified dual core processor that offers it the grunt for turning the tables on top quality NAS. However, the hardware of this drive comes with certain restrictions. It is a single drive mechanism and this means that it can back up user data but not on its own. This might be the cause of extra expenditure for the ones with important data. However, the drive features a pleasant safe point system that has the ability of backing itself automatically up to network storage or USB as required.

WD my Cloud Hardware

Amazing Usability

WD My Cloud is one of the easiest minuscule NAS drives to set up. For setting up the device, you simply need to connect the network port and the power source of the device to a router. This will complete the physical set up procedure of WD My Cloud. It just takes three minutes for the user to plug into WD My Cloud and be up and running on their network.

Excellent Performance

Performance-wise, there is no other external drive that can match the quality and the superb service of WD My Cloud. The device offers top end performance when transferring large movie files to and from the device. The average transfer speed offered by the device is 76 MBs which is not bad at all.

The Benefits and the Drawbacks of WD My Cloud

The benefits include:

  • Intuitive applications
  • Affordable price
  • Easy to use and configure

The drawbacks are as follows:

  • It does not offer any option to access admin in a secure manner outside network.
  • WD My Cloud is a bit noisy. The device emits low hum that is easily audible.
  • Outdated app and user-interface.

The Verdict

WD My Cloud is an efficient, easy to use and fast NAS perfectly meant for home users. It is suitable for all those individuals who have this desire of storing and accessing their content from different places and devices.


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