Top 5 Best Web Hosting Service Providers in 2015

Top 5 Best Webhosting Service Providers in 2015 – what are the best web hosting services available on cheap price with greater bandwidth and space to manage heavy traffic and huge content. A detailed review of best web hosting service provider shared below.

When an individual is ready to host their data and operate their own blogs, photos and applications, he/she is required to find a good web hosting server, which will put all the individual items on the web, provide them with tools, bandwidth and storage needs. The service providers will also need to provide them with guidance when the users require assistance. There are many hosting service providers available all over the Internet and it is quite difficult to find a proper hosting service.

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Open Cloud Manifesto – White Paper

The cloud computing manifesto is a complication of proceedings and results of the cloud computing use case group that brought the cloud vendors as well as the cloud users on a single platform via use case scenarios that demonstrate the economic benefits as well as the performance on the cloud.

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How an Open Cloud System Helps in Managing Business

How revolution of Open Cloud technology helps in business growth, managements and making them profitable and more productive? – Advantages of Open Cloud in Business Management Explained

Cloud computing has revolutionized how businesses operate, Earlier when only fortune 500 MNC’s could afford Enterprise Infrastructures to run their soft wares and services online, these days small start-ups that are turning into billion dollar companies online while still being operated by less than a dozen people are able to achieve such a huge success just because of the open cloud systems that streamline their businesses.

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What is Cloud Storage , Types, Advantages and Disadvantages

A complete guide explaining what is Cloud Storage? How it works? and with pros and cons of this technology widely known as cloud storage. 

With the increasing information that we humans access , the storage requirements to accumulate that information keeps on increasing , May it be a collection of doc files or some movies or some softwares or some songs, the data requirements keeps on increasing day by day. What here is more important is that how we access the big data whether it is for the personal use or professional use. People either prefer upgrading their hard drives or even sometimes prefer using compact disks as well, but with the advancement in technology everyone wants access to data on the go, without having the need to carry physical hardware and hence Cloud Storage requirements fall into place. Cloud storage means storing data online so that we can access it from any place without actually carrying the data servers with us.

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What is Cloud Computing Technology? An Introduction to Open Cloud

What is Open Cloud Computing Technology – How it works? Open Cloud Explained in a detailed guide

In the last decade big data has emerged as the most vital component to run the world, and data management via cloud computing as the most crucial of all professional practices that manages the universal workforce. Because of the fact of the entire data being properly managed, the world has become a relatively smaller place and globalization has resulted into increased economy and human life is advancing at a pace that could never have been imagined. The entire ecosystem that revolves around data is regulated by the concept of cloud computing, not only is this concept much talked about but also is one of the biggest research topics across the world.

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